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Food Donors

  • FAQ

    What type of food is collected?

    We collect all varieties of produce, baked goods, and dairy products.

    How much food is collected?

    On average, a few thousand pounds each week, but since the amount varies each week, we greatly appreciate the help of our volunteers.

    Since the food is perishable and stores are willing to give it away, is the food still fresh?

    Absolutely. Baked goods are made fresh daily in the grocery stores that donate to us and since the need is so great, the food is used either the night that we deliver the food or the next day by the organizations we serve. Produce is almost always fresh and used just as quickly.

    Is all of the food collected really used?

    Yes, almost always within 24 hours. In most deliveries, there are hungry people that will immediately take some food once we arrive.

    Why should I donate to STLFR even though it is a 100% volunteer run organization?

    The annual pumpkin project requires us to purchase flour and sugar needed for baking pumpkin bread, and there are legal costs concerning the creation and upkeep of a 501(c)3.